With the cooler temperatures, I have found myself spending more time out on the porch enjoying the fall foliage as it starts to change here in Indiana, and it takes me back to when I was a kid. Fall has always been my favorite time of year. Not just for the cooler temperatures or Friday night football games with the family, but just having more time to be together as a family. One of the best things was to be sitting outside by the campfire in the backyard with a bowl of mom’s homemade applesauce hot off the shove with Dad roasting, well… incinerating marshmallows for s’mores. Memories that now I cherish more than many of the things I’ve experienced in my life. Fall will always make me thing of my dad.

Maybe that’s why I picked fall to finally decide to get my first tattoo. A memorial to my dad that was only made sweeter when we found his last deer hunting license that had his actual signature on it. Dad never really signed anything. Mom always did, but to find his signature, it was my sign that it was time to get it.  I can’t be happier with how it turned it.

I think the most surprising part of it all was just how much I have psyched myself out about how painful it would be.  I thought my arm would be on fire and to be honest, it felt more like a light sunburn for an hour or so after then nothing.  All these years, and it took the right moment to finally start my tattoo journey. 

Only one question remains. What am I getting next?