Why Choose Mafia Romance

Vesper Rossi’s life changed in an instant the day of her high school graduation. Without warning, she was snatched from the safety of her family, her Russian fiancĂ©, and disappears for over a year before being sold to the highest bidder. But these weren’t ordinary buyers – they are the Second Sons. The spares heirs of the four of the most powerful mafia families in the world, men known for their cold-hearted cruelty and relentless ambition. Men who want her for her last name, and her body.

Now Vesper finds herself trapped in a deadly chess match between power-hungry mobsters, struggling to survive as alliances shift like quicksand beneath her feet. She is being used as a pawn by The Second Sons in their boldest move yet: to seize control of the Rossi Empire.

They say revenge is best served cold, but for Vesper, revenge against her family is only the beginning.