One of the biggest questions I get asked is “How Do You Write A Book?”

The answer is far from straight forward. Every single author will you a different answer. Some will say finding the time to write. Others the publishing process. Even more will say the cost of publishing a book.

But me… it’s about the story itself. You start with an idea and a dream. A dream to publish that story and put it out into the universe to read. For my Heaven’s Rejects series, it started with a trip to Disneyland and seeing a group of the hardest bikers that I have ever seen going to the happiest place on Earth with their families. Little girls in frilly princess dresses next to a big, burly guy in leather. That experience became a chapter in Heaven Sent. From that chapter, came the story itself. Mostly fleshed out in the wee hours of the morning on the back patio of our friend’s estate in Southern California.

Inspiration can come from anywhere. Your life, your experiences, or even watching someone else’s life as a bystander. Or, in my case, a tearful drive to work after losing my dad. It’s what you do with that inspiration and how you craft if that I find to be absolute hardest part of the writing process. Pouring those emotional responses into fictional characters, giving them life. That’s how I write a book. By putting myself into the story and giving those characters the best possible part of me that I can deliver the story.

And when I hit publish? Phew. The emotional rollercoaster that comes with putting a story so near and dear to my heart out there for everyone to read, knowing that there’s going to be those who will hate it. Will hate that part of me on those pages. And after 6 years, do you what I have learned? That no matter how people feel, it’s my story to tell and I did that. I wrote my book.

If you’re one of those dreamers out there, do it. Write your story. Only you can do it.