Nearly all of us have pets in our lives. Whether they be furry four-legged cats and dogs, rabbits, fish, or even lizards and snakes. Companionship, right? They’re cute, cuddly, and in most cases, the best thing to come home to on a stressful day.

I would normally say that about my cat, but Jezebel has been testing me lately. This fuzzy ball of fluff just turned 12 in December. From an early age, I knew she was going to be my troublemaker. She does what she wants. Even stealing food from both my husband and I. McDonalds French Fries are her favorite food to steal.

She is also not afraid to shove me out of my desk chair if there’s birds in the feeders outside of my office window, which is how I nearly lost all the progress I’ve made on Dark Destiny and Devil’s Queen. Jezebel is like a moth drawn to the flame warmth of my computer. Anytime I walk away. There she goes with the skills of a ninja into my home office and plops herself down on my laptop. Normally, she just shuts off the wifi… how I don’t know, but she has skills.

However, this day, she had just battled her kitty sister for the only ray of sunshine coming in the dining room window and had been asleep. I took my chance to write without my co-pilot of doom and got quite a bit of my part of Dark Destiny written before all hell broke loose. I hear the dog bark, our other cat hiss, and a huge commotion from the dining room. I got up to go find out what was going on and didn’t even see her come into the room. In what I can only imagine was moves a la The Matrix, I watched in horror and slow motion as she went straight for my open laptop. She must have miscalculated her jump because she and my laptop went skidding off the end of the desk. She sees me, and runs out of the room, leaving my laptop in her wake. The thumb drive that I use to save all my WIP books on was shattered. I had to take a pair of pliers to get it out of the slot.

After a long bout of panic, I tried my laptop, and thank the lord, it turned back on. I said I don’t know how many prayers when I logged back in and found my WIP still there in a recovered file. Crisis averted! The takeaway from this fun experience is that a certain kitty is being locked out of my office permanently. Sure, she can open doors on her own, but I’ll figure out a way to keep her out. I hope I can any way. Have you ever had a mishap thanks to one of your pets? I’d love to hear the story!