A few weeks ago, we took our show on the road and went on a much-needed semi-staycation to Outer Banks, NC. Did we do much there? Nope. In fact, our normal day routine was pretty much what we did the entire time minus work and the pets, but with a beautiful ocean view. We just needed a change of scenario. A little sunshine, ocean waves, and some cocktails on the balcony of our rented condo.

The drive, I think, was the best part of the entire trip. While other people prefer to fly, my husband and I tend to drive unless we’re off to the West Coast. Did that trip once before, and while cool to see the country from the passenger side window, it’s not easy to do with just two people. Though I highly recommend it if you haven’t done it yet and am happy to share some of my recommendations for things to do on the way there if you’re every interested. But, back to our current trip. With my new job, and my husband’s increasing workload, we hardly ever have time to just sit and talk. After 12+ hours on the road, we had time to reconnect, talk about what we want to do in the next year, and even talk about the future. Like getting back on track with our adoption plan and buying our own house before 2021. Exciting all around, but I think the best part of the entire trip was just getting a small sense of normalcy back. Traveling seems such a silly thing to miss, but we need it. We all do. Are you planning on traveling this year? I’d love to know where you’re going.I also had plenty of time to sit down and just write. Working on not only Dark Desires, but on a few other projects as well. Things are progressing nicely, and while I am not ready to put out a date yet for a couple of other titles I’ve been working on, they’re far closer after this trip than they were before we left.